How to define his loops?

How to get pretty well defined curls? How to train her curls while reducing frizz? And most importantly, how to keep throughout the week?

For well-formed loops, there are several check boxes:
• Adopt healthy hair routine adapted your hair
• Do not forget the styling products for in full form loops
• To do the right moves

Depending on your hair type, there are different technics for optimize the formation of loops. Besides, if you do not know the meaning of "scruncher", "plopping", "twist out", "braid out 'appointment on ... our lexicon textured hair  !

For starters, loops need to be unraveled to have a good definition. So, after your shampoo, let your Honey and banana-shampoo 2 minutes before unraveling your hair smoothly. To do this, unravel your hair from top down, always spikes going up to the roots. You will protect your capillary fiber in avoiding to accumulate nodes on your lengths and tips.

Tropikal Tips:

You can opt for a routine Shampoo and after-shampoo Where Shampoo, mask then after-shampoo. the pH of the shampoo will open the cuticles capillary fiber; which means that it will be ready to enjoy all the benefits of the mask. Indeed, The after-shampoo has a more acidic pH than the mask - Which means thatIt will close the scales of the capillary fiber. Finally, if you opt an ultra comforting routine for your hair, enjoy the mask to unravel them smoothly!

Well-defined loops are hydrated and nourished loops

And for that, nothing better than styling products. Moreover, All loops can find their happiness, Because the styling products exist in the form of cream, jelly, balm or mist; What to satisfy the glazed, wavy, curly and curly hair!

Styling products apply on clean and unraveling hair, during the washing routine or in refresh the week, depending on the needs of your hair. Apply it to your hair, section by section, then unravel one last time. Next, Scrunch your hair by pressing your lengths to your roots for Optimize the training of loops! Finally, you can work your finger loops (Finger Coil or Roll), prescribe them through the Plopping technique, let them dry outdoors or to cold air diffuser/ lukewarm, choose from braid,… Follow your desires!

At Tropikal Bliss, we have 5 styling products for Reveal the beauty of your hair! Looking for your rare pearl (s)? You do not know the (s) who choose according to your type of hair? Let's go for presentations! 🍉 🍍 🍌

Mist hydration with pineapple juice & guava

Texture : Mist / milk very light

Function : Care without rinsing, it moisturizes, nourishes, detang up hair without going down

Its main assets: L'Pineapple extract to bring strength and brilliance andGuava oil To feed, protect and restructure the capillary fiber

Smell : pineapple / exotic

For what type of hair : all types of loops (if you have wavy or very fine hair, do not hesitate to take from the product in your hands and apply it little by little)

Curl Primer Coconut and Papaya

Texture :light cream

Function :cream ultra-moisturizing, it softens, fortifies and protects the capillary fiber while defining the loops

Its main assets:theCoconut oils and papayaTo feed and soften the hair and theWheat proteinTo restore elasticity and fortifying hair fiber

Smell :Papaya / Coconut

For what type of hair :All types of loops

The Curl Smoothie Granada and Hibiscus

Texture :richer

Function :nourishes, fortifies and protects the capillary fiber in depth, limits the frizz by defining the loops

Its main assets:L'Hibiscus oilprotects and nourishes, theMacadamia oilsoftens and softens the hair (very) dry and theGrenade oilbrings strength and shine to hair

Smell :Cherry / Gourmande

For what type of hair :Curly, curly and kinky

Wonder Jelly with citrus fruits

Texture : melting jelly

Function : Defines, sheath and keeps loops for several days

Its main assets: L'Kiwi oil To bring brilliance and pep's hair and some Lemon pectin To froze and perpetuate the loop

Smell : citrus

For what type of hair : Curly, curly and kinky

Yuzu meringue butter

Texture : Ultra comforting balm

Function : ultra nourishing, it seals hydration and gives strength and shine with dry and brittle hair, the hair is left soft and soft

Its main assets: the Cocoa butter To feed intensely the hair, soften it and relax it, the Shea Butter To protect and treat andYuzu oil To strengthen and feed the capillary fiber, in addition to bringing fine hair volume

Smell : Meringuered lemon tart / greedy and warm

For what type of hair : Ideal for feeding frizzy hair; It can also be used on dry tips, in nourishing care or for your twist out and braid out