"Create a brand for textured hair that makes the difference. But above all inspire the grass entrepreneurs to follow my example. Everything is possible ! »

Inguela Coudoux

A life of flavors

As far as I can remember, I have always been attracted to the world of cosmetics. Child, I had to touch every visitor of the house; The texture of the hair, their smell - everything fascinated me! I was able to spend the afternoons in the rays of super-markets to watch and feel beauty products.
Small, my father, a trader of capillary products, took me go around his suppliers in Congo, the country that saw me born. This is probably there, in the smell of shea butter that my passion for hair care has come from.

100% trips

My child's life was punctuated with many removals: I lived in Congo, France, Germany, I learned a lot of languages, known many countries. For my end-of-school internship at the business school, I left on a whim in Hong Kong. And there, in the warm smell of tropics in the midst of exotic plants, my passion for cosmetics has turned into a professional project.

At first I was looking especially for preparing my own products, with no other idea in mind what to do good to my hair. I documented on the US sites, I tried to reproduce the formulas by buying raw materials on site. It was exciting but it was also catastrophic! In the midst of my pans and my ingredients, I desperate to find at least one formula that works. Until the day when the miracle took place: I managed to make a mask! The famous marshmallow melt mask that will always be part of my collections.

My Life is a marshmallow!

Why the fruits?

From that moment I decided to create my brand. Tropikal Bliss - Is not this a word that evokes you a sweetness of the tropics and vibrant colors of fruits? It was precisely my idea - bring to capillary fruit flavors: mango, pineapple, banana, pomegranate, papaya .... I wanted to make girls dream and bring them to my travels in Asia.

100% diversity

The Tropikal Bliss project would never have occurred if I did not liberate myself with my black woman's condition in the West. Going to Honk Kong, in the middle of this boiling melting-pot, I felt free for the first time in my life. And this freedom went through the affirmation and acceptance of my hair: before I repressed them, hid, tried to turn them into something they were not, until the day I decided to pass The big chop stage. I shaved my hair to take the greatest care. As if through them is my identity as Congolese woman, the world of the world it was.

Inspire other women ...

With my Tropikal Bliss project I want to inspire others, give them the courage to continue their dreams, move forward in their passions. Young, I was a professional sports, this combative spirit animates me since the beginning in my Tropikal Bliss project. I managed my brand in Hong Kong, in a foreign country, I went bankrupt, I fell seriously ill, but I got up again. Returning to France, little by little, with the means of the edge, making my 25,000 labels by hand, I managed to rebuild my brand.

"Today I am proud to say: I did it! I went to the end of my dream! " And that's just the beginning…