The lexicon of textured hair

When we return to the world curly hair to the natural, we hear a lot of new words. To help you find there, we share our textured hair lexicon! 🍍


AFRO PUFF: High tail made using a darling or turban.

Alopecia: Loss hair, partial or total, up to a disappearance (this happens especially if the hair is too drawn and too often).

Pineapple (Pineapple): hairstyle which consists of tingling your hair on the top of the skull with the help of an elastic; Ideal at night to protect your hair from friction.

Conditioner: Conditioner: L'Honey and banana-shampoo is a quick care to perform after your Watermelon and grapefruit shampoo. He will unravel your hair easily, while bringing him hydration and nutrition.


Baby Hair: Small hair at the base of the forehead and neck.

Bad Hair Day: 404 ERROR NOT FOUND!

BAGGY METHOD: "Baggy" comes from "bag" in English; method of applying a styling product like the Grenada & Hibiscus Smoothie On your tired tips, then cover them with a plastic bag. The bag will create a soft heat that will optimize the absorption of care.

OIL BATH : deep nourishing care which consists in applying the Capillary serum Basil and peppermint Scalp with spikes, at least 30 minutes (up to 1 night) before your Watermelon and grapefruit shampoo.

Big Chop: Cut the entire (or much) of its hair (especially at the beginning of the transition).

Build up (accumulate): refers to the accumulation of too many products on the hair; The hair "are choking" and have a sticky / fat effect.

Braid: means "braid" in English.

BRAID OUT: Hairdressing after defeating the braids / braids previously made on wet / moistened hair to have a maximum of definition. For a successful Braid OUT, wait for your hair to be totally dry before undoing them!


CURLY HAIR : form a more or less tight "2".

FRIZZY HAIR : form small "s" or small "z", the Buckles are very tight.
FRIZZY HAIR : form a more tightened "2" than curly hair.
WAVY HAIR : form an elongated "S" (not tightened).

Textured hair: Group the types of curly, kinky, curly and corrugated hair.

Clarification (detox): lava and purifies the scalp and lengths; The clarification opens the scales of the capillary fiber and remove the residues of products, the dust ... the Curl detox coconut and peppermint is the ideal care to remove the build up effect and give a pep's shot to all your hair! 

Co-Wash: alternative to shampoo, co-wash consists of washing your hair with your Honey and banana-shampoo; Ideal between 2 shampoos to restore pep's to your curly hair.

Protective hairstyle: A protective hairstyle is for protecting your hair. The idea is to limit manipulations, friction and external aggression (heat, UV, cold, pollution ...).


STREAMER :the hair dryer of textured hair; It allows to dry the loops smoothly without breaking their dynamics. Prefer cold or lukewarm drying so as not to weaken your loops!


Emollient: The emollient agents make it possible to soften and soften the capillary fiber. They protect the hair by smoothing the cuticles (for example: vegetable oils, plant butters, vegetable glycerin ...).

Exfoliate: The capillary scrub allows to purify, ventilate and regulate the scalp by disintegrating the scalp of all impurities (dandruff, dead cells, residues of products ...). This treatment can be done 1 time per month maximum, mixing equal parts of red sugar or coarse salt to your Watermelon and grapefruit shampoo.


Finger Coiling (Finger Coils): Method that consists of winding its locks (one after the other) around the finger to optimize the definition and mastery the volume.

Finger Rolling (Finger Rolls): Method which consists of winding its locks (always one after the other) using 2 fingers instead of 1 to optimize the definition and mastery the volume (the loops obtained are wider than with the finger coils!) .

Forks: damaged and split spikes.

Frisottis: Small hair that separates from the loop and give a sparkling effect.


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Hydration: Bring "drinking" with hair with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, honey ...

Humectant: Cosmetic substance that has the ability to absorb water and maintains it in the capillary fiber (for example: glycerin, honey, panthenol, simple sugars in fruits ...)!


Leave in: care without rinsing like the Grenada & Hibiscus Smoothie, the Curl Primer Coconut papaya and the Wonder Jelly with citrus.

LCO (Liquid Cream Oil): Method of hydration of capillary fiber by combining several styling products for example: L: Wonder Jelly with citrus fruits C: Grenada & Hibiscus Smoothie or Coconut Papaya Curl Primer O: Capillary Serum Peppermint basil.

LOC (Liquid Oil Cream): on the same principle as LCO, inverting the order of products.


HAIR MASK : The capillary mask Melting Marshmallow makes it possible to bring a deep care to the capillary fiber; He moisturizes, nourishes, brings a dose of protein for lifetime buckles!


No Poo: Technique that consists of washing his hair without shampoo (with washing powders (eg clays), the egg shampoo ...).

Nutrition: Bring "to eat" with hair with fatty bodies like an oil, butter, or cream (emulsion of an aqueous phase and an oily phase).


Plopping : TECHNICAL PRIMING BUCKLES which consists of wrapping the clean hair in a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel, to preserve the loops without breaking their dynamics or create friction.

Porosity: the ability of the hair to absorb and retain hydration; It can be low, medium or strong.

PRE-POO: front-shampoo care like the oil bath with the Capillary serum Peppermint basil or the mask Fondant to the Marshmallow For fine hair.


Refresh: consists of refreshing your loops without going through the shampoo box. The ideal product for rehydrated loops, fed, unraveled, defined and who feel divinely good? Without hesitation, the Hydration haze with pineapple juice and guava !


Seal the hydration: use Capillary serum Peppermint basil where the Butter Yuzu meringue To form a protective film around the hair and thus protect the capillary fiber of dehydration.

Scrunch: Press his loops to the roots to optimize the definition.

SHRINKAGE: means "narrowing" in English; Refers to the fact that textured hair goes up drying and looks shorter than they are actually.



1) Stopting straightening / smoothing and accepting his natural hair

2) Pass conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics.

Tropikal Bliss: The fruity brand helps to release all loops.

Twist: means "running" in English, hairstyle, we translate it with "Vanilla". Variant of the 3-strand braid, vanilla consists of winding 2 wicks between them.

TWIST OUT: Hairdressing after defeating twists / vanillas previously made on wet / moistened hair to have a maximum of definition. For a successful Twist Out, wait for your hair to be totally dry before undoing them!


WASH 'N GO: Let your hair dry in the open air without touching them after applying its styling products wick per wick for maximum definition.