What is the difference between hydration and nutrition?

What care to moisturize or feed my loops?

Know the Difference between hydration and nutrition is very important when we want Take care of our natural hair. Indeed, knowing the difference allows us toBring good care to our loops and at the right time.

To do very simple, thehydration is the fact ofbring "to drink" with hair with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, honey, ... but also in drinking enough, Because the hydration of the loops begins inside!

The nutrition, she, brings "to eat" Hair with fatty bodies like vegetable oils, plant butters, or cream (emulsion of an aqueous phase and an oily phase). As for hydration, a varied and balanced diet has a major role in the health of your hair ! 

Hydration is Indispensable to the health of your hair. It is she who makes all the difference concerning The definition of your loops !

How do you know if your loops lack hydration?
- they lack definition (sparkling effect) and flexibility
- Frisottis are very present
- You have a lot of knots and / or hard to unravel your hair
- Your loops are dry and lack sweetness

As a result, by bringing a beautiful dose ofHydration to your curly hair, they will be defined, soft, silky, Easy to unravel and the Frisottis will be tamed !

Similarly, the Nutrition is essential To have and preserve healthy hair. Nutrition allows Maintain hydration in capillary fiber And so, the Dehydration protects

How do you know if your loops lack nutrition?
- They break easily and the forks appear
- Your hair is dull and lack shine
- Your loops are (very) dry

By bringing nutrition to your capillary fiber, it will be more resistant and less brittle. In addition, your loops will find their shine and their naturalness! Also note that when the hair is hydrated and fed accordingly, the Hair growth is optimized !

Curly hair, kinky and curly are more inclined to dehydration. The main reason is The shape of the hair. Indeed, the textured hair is not smooth, but, depending on the type of loops, in the shape of "S", "2" or "Z" more or less tightened. Thereby, sebum (Grasse secretion of sebaceous glands / "food" natural hair) as well as the water brought internally, have difficult to access lengths and spikes. In addition, as the sebum is unable to protect the capillary fiber, it is "alive" and damaged. In short, for curly hair in great shape, it is up to us to bring the necessary nutrition to protect them!

You want healthy loops?

- Stop the aggression Like the use of heat (straightener, hot air dryer ...), straightening and smoothing as well as die / coloring.
- To sleep, Promote a protective hairstyle (Example: pineapple, vanilla ...)
- to limit friction overnight, Adopt a satin or silk pillowcase Or attach your hair with a satin or silk turban.

Your loops need hydration?

- Integrate the mask Fondant to the Marshmallow to your capillary routine. Ultra complete, it hydrates, nourishes and softens all types of hair. It takes care of lengths and spikes while bringing brilliance!
- In order to space your shampoos while keeping pep's full loops, bring yourself from the Hydration haze with pineapple juice and guava! She will rehydrate and feed your capillary fiber, while styling and redefining the loops!
- Do not forget to apply your styling products during your capillary routine. Depending on the needs of your hair, opt for the Grenada & Hibiscus Smoothie and / or the COCONUT PAPAYA CURL PRIMER and or Wonder Jelly with citrus !

Your loops need nutrition?

- Adopt the Capillary serum Peppermint basil To make oil baths 1 to 2 times a month. In addition, you can use it to seal the hydration of your loops after your capillary routine!
- Discover the Yuzu meringue butter, an ultra-nourishing balm that brings strength, shine and flexibility to the hair! It can be used on wet or dry hair to seal the hydration or to prepare hair at a protective hairstyle!
- If your tips are damaged and forked, do not hesitate to cut them to give a pep's shot to all your hair. Then take care of your tips with the Capillary serum Peppermint basil where the Yuzu meringue butter.